Vaquero Valley Ranch & Cattle Co

Vaquero Valley Ranch & Cattle Company

100% Grassfed beef

Vaquero Valley Ranch & Cattle Company is a small operation located in the Central Oregon high desert on Bear Creek south of Prineville and east of Bend. Our cattle forage primarily on native grasses on our range land and in winter we feed them hay that we raise on our hay fields. Our family was ranching organically way before organic as we know it today was ever dreamed up. We grew up on grass fed beef, the only cow that ever got grain was the milk cow and that was primarily to get her to poke her head in the stanchion so we could milk her. We are in the process of getting our organic certification on our ranch and we will keep you posted.

Chemical Free, Organically Raised

Our land is not “treated” with chemical fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides. Our cattle do not receive growth hormones, grain, or antibiotics. We don’t use grains to accelerate the growing process. We hold them for a full two years so they can naturally reach the weights best suited for our needs. They are never stuffed into a crowded feedlot, they are able to roam at will on our land.

After years of friends and family commenting on the outstanding flavor of our beef and the health benefits of grass fed, hormone free beef…here we are. We decided to direct market our beef. This not only makes the best sense economically for us, but we believe it makes sense for you as well. We have found this approach to be the quickest, most efficient, best way to get our product onto your table. You can visit us weekly at four local Farmers’ Markets or ask us to deliver our product straight to your home. We have room for more cattle on our land, but our business methods are much like the Vaquero tradition, we will change how we market or increase our herd size when the time is right. At this time you can expect that we will keep doing things the way we know best…with care and patience and a sense of stewardship for the land that has been passed down generation to generation.

Commitment to Quality

Selling directly to you and personally answering your questions can be considered an inefficient use of time by many ranchers who operate large scale operations and sell in large quantities. Additionally, our approach doesn’t make sense for many ranchers. Practices such as holding cattle for two years literally cuts a cow/calf operation in half, but for us, to provide a superior product far out weighs any short cuts others may be taking.

What’s important to you is also important to us. We are shoppers too and we prefer to shop and buy locally. Grown locally is very important to us. Being able to support Central Oregon farms and ranches and trust that the product we buy is grown naturally and organically – right here in Central Oregon – is very high on our list. Being able to talk to the grower and establish a relationship is very high on our list. Having access to a superior product is very high on our list.